Mom Guilt

My husband sent me a link to a blog post earlier today.   I thought I’d share it with all of you.  Take a second to read it here.

Remember this article next time negative self talk creeps into your brain.  Being a parent is hard.  The hours are long.  It’s and at times parenting can be a lonely thing.  You never know if you’re doing enough or doing “it” right.  You have to trust yourself that you are.  Are you going to get the  “Mother of the Year” award?  No!  And not because you’re not doing “enough” or doing “it” right.  You’re not getting it because that stupid award doesn’t exist.  So stop beating yourself up!

We melt when our little humans smile at us with admiration, love and appreciation; almost as if they’re saying, ” Thank you  for keeping me alive”.  We love their love, but do we really take the time to appreciate the thanks our little creatures express to us?

Perhaps if we spent more time acknowledging the laughter, play, and love our kids show, and less time shouting in our heads, “I should have given them more spinach”, or “I shouldn’t have eaten that ice cream today”  we’d find motherhood a tad less stressful.




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