“Nose Job”

I haven’t blogged in a few days- please forgive me.  It’s no excuse but my husband was out of town on business Monday- Friday of last week and has been gone this week since Monday.  I’m juggling the baby, the dog and my clients all on my own.  Well, not entirely on my own- I have our wonderful nanny to watch Callan while I work and my amazing friends to keep me company.  In addition to keeping our household running I’ve had to make several trips to the doctor the past two weeks.  Nothing super serious but I have to have SURGERY next week.  I keep laughing and saying I have to have a nose job, but not quite.

I’ve suffered for YEARS with sinus headaches, sinus infections, and an overall stuffy head.  I would get anywhere from 5-8 sinus infections each year.  After having Callan my OB suggested I go see an ENT to nail down why I was having so many (I just thought it was ‘normal’ to feel this way and tried to power through the headaches).

Anyhow after a doctor’s visit, antibiotics, a CT scan and a follow up the doctor concluded that my nose was  (and I’m not quoting here) pretty MESSED up.  I have several cysts blocking my sinus canals, a deviated septum, a rather large and inflamed turbinate (it needs to go on a diet) and several other problems up there.  So next week I’ll be going under to have them clean out my nose 🙂

I have to be in bed for a few days post surgery next week so I’m hoping I will have time to blog- but any parent out there knows that might not happen (staying in bed OR getting work done).

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you all updated!

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