Running buddies

CaymanFace“Hey, running buddy, is it time to go for a run yet?!”

Most people think as a personal trainer I roll out of bed in the morning with my shorts on and running shoes laced up ready to go.  I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.  The moment my alarm goes off the first thought that crosses my mind is to turn off my alarm and go back to sleep.  Of course I would rather stay snuggled up in my warm comfy bed…who wouldn’t?

Two things force my half asleep body out of the bed.  One, knowing how great I feel after I get my workout in, and two, knowing my running buddies are anxiously waiting for me….and I can’t disappoint my running buddies!

Cayman in bed

Every morning I get to start the day hitting the pavement with my favorite four legged friend, our dog, Cayman.  The newest addition to the running group is Callan, my 7 month old baby. Cayman happily welcomed Callan and his stroller to our running pack.  The first few steps getting us all ready to head out the door seems like a major chore.  But once we’re outside and we settle into our groove my head starts to clear, Cayman’s energy starts to drain, and Callan’s little face lights up each time we spot another baby or a dog.  We all get something out of our morning runs; in addition to the time we spend together.

Callan pullup

(Callan practicing his one arm pull ups!)

Studies show exercising with a partner increases your chances of sticking to a workout routine long term.  Reach out to a friend, co-worker, or make a pact with your spouse to start a workout routine.  Or, enlist your family pet and your kiddos and venture out on family fun runs or walks.  Your pets will appreciate it and the fresh air and movement will do wonders for your kids.

Grab a partner, keep each other motivated, hold each other accountable, and work together to tackle your fitness goals!



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