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For a lot of you out there do any of the following sound a tad familiar.?  You pledge to stick to a workout routine and then fall off the wagon after a week.  You stock the fridge with healthy foods planning to prepare fresh, heart healthy meals and after three days make a b line to the nearest fast food joint?  We all struggle with things in life.  We might not all struggle with the same things, but we all struggle.  I struggle with BLOGGING!

I think my last blog post was from about a year ago.  I could make a hundred excuses (having a baby, moving across the country, training clients, I hate grammar, etc., etc.) but in actuality, the truth is a much easier thing to face.  Truthfully, I just don’t make time for it.  It’s not a priority for me.  Since it isn’t a priority I leave it until I feel pressure to do it, I scramble to write a halfway decent post, don’t like it, and then don’t post it.  Then I shut my computer feeling aggravated, defeated, and left with the impression that blogging is hard and ‘not my thing’.  Perhaps if I set aside 30 minutes once a week and dedicate that time to blogging, I can successfully work blogging into my busy schedule. The same way people pencil in workouts in their weekly planner  I can pencil in a small amount of time to share some of my thoughts, experiences and expertise with my clients and other readers.

If you have any topics you’d like me to cover in one of my blogs please reach out to me!  I love suggestions!  It makes me feel like I’m answering some specific health and fitness questions that many people might find useful.  Finally, I need you, my readers, to keep me accountable.  Haven’t seen a blog post from me recently?  Then here is your chance to call your trainer out for slipping and hold me accountable!

In good health,


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