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How to become a morning exerciser

Night owl or morning person- which one are you? Your preference for early morning runs or post work gym time  isn’t arbitrary.  The body’s circadian rhythm, or internal clock, is pretty much genetically determined so there isn’t  much you can do to change how it’s programmed.  Though you can’t overhaul  your body’s programming there are […]

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Running buddies

“Hey, running buddy, is it time to go for a run yet?!” Most people think as a personal trainer I roll out of bed in the morning with my shorts on and running shoes laced up ready to go.  I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.  The moment my alarm goes off the […]

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Strength training is for you

Think strength training is only for football players?  Think again.  How do you think those Victoria Secret Models look so good in their swimsuits (and even less)?  They hit the weights! Research consistently shows strength training provides a whole host of health benefits (and you don’t need to bench press 200 lbs to reap the […]

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